Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Document Updated 17th April 2019


This Terms of Service document has been created to help set out the rules and guidelines of our various services.

Our Services

Any proposals provided by Code66 Web Developmentare designed to give an outline of what we aim to achieve from a specific project and helps our customers understand what work we will be delivering. As timelines can be difficult to precisely predict, any timelines given are a guide only and not a guarantee.

Your Obligations

You must appoint one internal contact person, who will serve as the final decision maker and be authorised to provide timely approval, in writing, for all required sign-off stages. The Contact will be available for consultation with the Code66 Web Development project team members, as needed, during normal business hours.

You must provide timely approvals and feedback, failure to do so will result in project delays and may mean that you have to pay for the website before it is completed.

You must provide us with timely text and image / moving image content, you will receive guidance from our staff, however, failure to provide content on a timely basis will result in project delays and may mean that you have to pay for the website before it is completed.

All written content, images, photos, graphics and logos should be supplied at the time of agreement to commence with the Project. Failure to do so delays the progress of design and setup; therefore any estimated completion date becomes invalid. Code66 Web Development understands that gathering all content is not always a quick process.


In situations where the Client provides images, text, animations or any other content for their website or media publication(s) the Client is legally responsible for ensuring that this material does not infringe any copyright laws. Photographs taken by Code66 Web Development will remain our copyright until payment of the final invoice is made.


Payment is due on receipt 3 days after the date of our invoice unless otherwise agreed. Deposit payments are due on receipt of invoice.

We do not offer any form of refunds for any unutilised time, deposits or hosting.

All invoices will be due within 3 days of being raised. Once a website or marketing work is launched into a live environment, an invoice will be raised and ownership will be handed over upon payment receipt.

Any work that is not paid for will ultimately be owned by Code66 Web Development.

Once a website or marketing work is launched into a live environment, an invoice will be raised and ownership will be handed over upon payment receipt. Ultimate ownership of all website design, development and created digital marketing collateral will reside with the client and all such services can be moved away, once all invoices on account are paid in full.

Failure to make payment for any of Code 66 Web Development services may result in your website or accounts being suspended until payment has been settled.

For any recurring services, the default payment method will be via Direct Debit. If this is not acceptable, payment must be made upfront before the due date. For any changes or termination of contracts, please bear in mind we need at least 30 days notice for any adjustments.

Website Design & Development

Once a client confirms a website can go live, it is considered that the client is satisfied with the development as it is being launched into a live environment. This action will trigger a final project invoice to be raised. If we are launching to a non-Code66 Web Development hosting solution, the final project invoice will be raised right before the files are transferred across.

Code 66 Web Development will endeavour to meet all the deadlines set but we cannot be responsible for a missed launch date or a deadline if you have been late in supplying materials or has not approved or signed off any work on-time at any stage.

Code66 Web Development will create designs for the layout and functionality for a clients website. Generally, our website build projects include one main design plus the opportunity for the client to make up to two rounds of revisions within the first 30 days of receiving the final website draft.

Hosting & Backups

Server space is quoted and based on the size of your system once your package is set up with Code66 Web Development. We will regularly review this and let you know if we need to reevaluate the available space and resources to run your website/s efficiently.

We aim for our systems to be as secure as possible, although if unfortunately you do have an intrusion, it is not our obligation to fix and may be subject to ad-hoc fees.

We attempt to always hold regular backups for all websites we look after, although we encourage you to take external backups unless you have a maintenance contract active with Code66 Web Development.

We also cannot guarantee that no problems will be caused by updates to open source or premium software that is added onto your website application. We cannot guarantee the resolution of any issues which may arise from customised or third-party software.

We can however under an agreement, provide technical knowledge and expertise to help resolve any such issues with the help of the program developers in question.

Website Maintenance

Once a website is launched, routine maintenance may be required. This maintenance is not in the scope of our website design/development projects or hosting services unless a separate maintenance plan is taken or otherwise specified.

If a website is completed and installed to an external hosting package (not provided by Code66 Web Development), our client takes on the responsibility of maintaining all aspects of the site, such as text, images, video and audio files unless you are paying for website management from Code66 Web Development


I am not ranking where we want to be in search engines such as Google. Why can’ t you guarantee results? As there are different variables that dictate where a certain keyword ranks which can change sporadically, we cannot guarantee any results as a result of our efforts. If for example there is a failure to meet certain targets such as keyword rankings or levels of traffic, you are not entitled to any form of compensation. We do however always strive for the very best results for our clients within the budget available and have a great track record.

We will always provide notice of any changes to our Terms of Service in our invoices 90 days before we implement.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please do get in touchwith a member of the team and we’ ll be more than happy to talk you through our terms of business.

Limitation of liability

Code66 Web Development will not be liable to any Client for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or strict liability including, but not limited to, loss of use of or under-utilisation of labour or facilities, loss of revenue or anticipated profits, or claims from clients, resulting from Code66 Web Developments performance or non-performance of its obligations under this Agreement, or in the event of suspension of the services or termination of this Agreement. Code66 Web Development's aggregate liability to any client under any agreement for any and all claims shall not exceed the total amount of the fees actually paid by the Client and received by Code66 Web Developments under any agreement.